A Spring Weekend

Sometimes we just have to escape. The little town you call home is just not big enough anymore. Its too crammed. Its just another brick in the wall when it comes to the booming architecture uptown. One building grew, now its as if there are porcupine quills standing erect along the streets. We are still grateful for the quaint little ponds and parks filled with wildlife – the little festivals that pop up in the warmth every year which hide hidden treasures. . . Yet we just need to run as fast as humanly possible to our place of tranquility. Some prefer the bush, the wild, the fresh crisp air. Oddly enough, I run to the city to blend in to the mass crowd of unknown people where no one knows you and you remain unseen as if you are just another worker ant trucking along through the daily grind. . . Although you still stand out as a one of a kind individual in the swarm where individuality is expected and the most eccentric of everyone is left alone and accepted as one.


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