Vancouver Life

Heres an adventure around Vancouver BC which led to a copious amount of picture taking. I was using a Nikon D3100 and the adventure began at Keefer and Main and I began strolling around China Town, from there I made my way towards the notorious E. Hastings; along past Carnegie Hall. Here the vast amount of poverty on Vancouver’s lower east end is an eye-opener to the passer-by. You realize that the 1% has no care of the crisis on our streets. The architecture in the east end is far from fresh, new and clean; the grungy look of an old town. You feel so out of place walking through this end of the woods;  expensive camera, nice clothes. The homeless look at you weird because the average person would not walk down the street with their head held high. Most steer clear of these streets; although when you take a look, you see humble beat cops taking their daily stroll asking the people if anyone needs help. The contrast between the VPD and RCMP is apparent at first glance. RCMP cares about their quota and putting people behind bars, yet the VPD helps you, the people.Image







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