How to Improve Your Photographs

With these easy tips and tricks you may drastically improve your photographs.

Look your subject in the eye! Get down to eye level with the subject that you are taking the photos of. You will gain a more effective emotion and personality to your photo. If you are taking pictures of a child, get down to there height and look them in the eyes through the view finder. Instead of standing above and making them look vulnerable and helpless you are at their height and level and It will instantly help you in the long run. Tip: You can also move in close, it directs your eye to the subject.

Use a plain background! You do not want to be distracted from viewing the subject because of a tree sprouting out of your subjects head or it looking like they are going to get run over by the cruise ship in the background. Position your subject against a plain back ground or one without intrusive objects distracting you in the background.

Use flash outdoors! If you take a photograph where the sun is directly behind the object you will have a very dark person with an over exposed back ground. Turn the flash on and move your subject slightly beside the bright light source and shoot. The subject will become visible and lit, as opposed to dark and silhouetted.

Move it from the middle! The subject you are capturing is your focus point of the picture. Although, if the camera is angle is changed and the subject is positioned towards either the left or right side of the photo you gain a perspective and more of a setting. The subject stands out and you have more of a view of the surroundings. It captures the eye.

Watch your light and know your flash range! Using different light; angles, shadows and different natural light hues like at dusk or dawn personalizes and enhances your photo. (i.e. sun coming through the trees across the subjects face shows a summer-like warm feeling ~or~ look towards the sunset with flash off and capture the pinkie hues against your subject for a relaxing calm mood.) Know your flash range, a flash only reaches so far. if your subject is set too far back they will be too dark take a couple steps closer and try again until your subject it lit properly.

Take vertical photos! Switch it up, and take vertical and horizontal photos.You can capture more in the frame with the different angles and views.


“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”
Diane Arbus

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