Samples of Auto-Modes




This picture was taken last summer with the portrait mode on my camera. It is not a new photo but it is one of my best taken portraits. It was taken with the self timer and zoom on my camera which was on a mini portable tripod on the ground. I didn’t know that I had hit the capture button and it caught me texting and in the middle of a sentence speaking to some friends. So try taking spontaneous photos. Sometimes they come out the best. The subject it the photo is more relxed and easy going. they are comfortable therefore they will not be tenced up with a fake smile.


Here is a postcard worthy shot of the White Rock Beach marina. It was taken with the landscape mode this weekend at the end of the pier. The reflection of the warm sun out lining the shiloettes of the boats sitting in the sea.




Close-up (macro)

A flower that my landlady got in a bouquet today. I took it outside for natural light and used a warm filter.



Sports Mode

Sports mode is perfect for taking pictures of flocks of birds or things moving fast. The shutter speed is super quick so there is no blur and you can catch anything.



Night Shot

The first picture here is taken on night mode last summer. The night mode with the flash off has a slightly longer shutter speed.



This was taking with the manual night mode and I lengthened the shutter speed so i only used the light from the fire.




I used the flash-off mode here while taking this picture of my by friend and his furry little friend. 
I wished for the focus to be on my boy friends face. But i enjoy it a little more with the focal point as the sweater. The warm glow with a sweet little smile, a fluffy cat and the attention to detail on the fabric reminds me of fresh linen and sun coming through some opaque drapes on the brightest day of the year. By far it is one of my favorite photos Ive taken in a long time.





One thought on “Samples of Auto-Modes

  1. Love the shot of the tents at night. Looks like they are camping out in a black hole, yet there is a sense of warmth created by the lit shelters! Well done.

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